The objective of this study is to examine the future of the UK design industry. It aims to identify challenges and opportunities facing the UK design industry over the next decade and to develop a framework to signpost and support change.
The project focuses on the UK design consultancy sector, with specific reference to brand and corporate identity, multimedia, new product development, packaging, and service design. The project does not consider designer-makers or craft-based designers.
Research has been conducted in two stages. The first involved a review of literature and focus group research, which identified key issues and concerns within the sector, and has informed the development of a conceptual framework and scenario tools. A second stage involved interviews and focus groups with three sets of stakeholders: (i) design practitioners and design consultancies, (ii) design buyers/clients (including both private and public sectors), (iii) design policymakers and design educators. These stakeholders were consulted in order to establish the nature of the transactions between all parties in the knowledge supply chain.