Nomon is a company that designs and produces state of the art clocks which , through remarkable elegance, add a touch of distinction to both public and domestic spaces.

We see ourselves reflected in the beauty of our surroundings and for this reason we cannot leave the selection of a object such as a clock to chance, it is a accessory which is central to our daily lives.
Nomon has chosen the clock, orphaned and forgotten in the world of furnishings, with the aim of restoring it to its proper place as the centerpiece it deserves to be, to a privilege it enjoyed in the past, marking the passing of time with style.
The designer at nomon is Jose María Reina, his designs are innovative and transcendental both in form and choice of materials. His talent puts the aesthetic value of the clock to the forefront, instilling beauty into an otherwise everyday thing.
Angels Arrufat has shaped the innovative, creative and daring project of Jose Maria Reina. Due to their sensitivity and imagination their clocks can be fitted into an endless number of different spaces.

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