RT Design

Before you contact us at mail@rt.md you should keep in mind that we:

  • don't fulfill all the customer's whims                   

  • aren't working on projects which are not interesting for us                   

  • don't make beautiful designs. They are first of all functional.                   

  • don't start working without advance payment.                   

  • don't make web sites or logos for 150 Euros.                   

  • don't work Saturdays or Sundays.


instead we...

  • use our head while creating for you                  

  • give priority to functionality                   

  • have 10+ years of experience which we share with you                   

  • work as a team                   

  • like what we do                   

  • are in pace with the technologies and trends                   

  • are a company (VAT payer), not an individual.

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